Why Cozeva?

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

The reassuring touch of a doctor’s hands.
Conversations and sharing stories of sickness and health.
The confidence that all will turn out okay, with a little medicine and rest.

Technology will never replace all that makes up that special relationship between trusted family doctors and the people they care for — no matter how smart the phone or how good the online application.

However, technology can help doctors and patients alike navigate the health care system more efficiently.

Cozeva frees doctors and their staff to do what they do best: care for people . Our system takes over time-consuming paper work and details, so there’s more time for patient-doctor engagement.

With Cozeva’s unified communication system, small practices can offer their patients attention and convenience that even big medical systems are just beginning to master.

Cozeva is here to help build the best patient-doctor relationships possible. Our databases provide comprehensive preventive health care information to doctors and patients. Our communications system offers easy-to-use tools for creating an engaged health care partnership.

How it works?

Your health plan now covers all preventive care. It’s all free now. Health plans want people to take advantage of this benefit.

With Cozeva, all past and upcoming screenings, check-ups and labs are easily shared between the health plan, doctors and patients so that everyone is on the same page.

Cozeva helps doctors and patients stay consistently and constantly in touch. You can consult with your doctor through secure messaging, accept and request appointments, renew prescriptions and be informed of the required healthcare. With the health insurance requirements communicated to both the doctor and you, your doctor has the ability to make sure you see and receive the preventive care your plan delivers.

-Why connect with your family/loved ones?
In addition to collaborating with your insurance plan and primary care physician, you can finally communicate and collaborate with your family and friends. Your Cozeva Circle enables you to check loved ones’ health statuses and promote well-being. Do not worry, you have complete control over whom you add and the level of access granted to each individual in your circle. If you are responsible for your childrens’ or elderly parents’ health, you will be able to connect and take the necessary action remotely and instantly. And if you are the one who needs encouragement every now and then, your loved ones will be there to give you that extra nudge.

-All together
Cozeva brings the extraneous pieces of your life together in one, compact and easy-to-use place. You will have time for yourself and to enjoy life because you are not spending extra time and energy coordinating important matters in four different places and times. Cozeva brings your community to you.