Manage your family’s healthcare and everyday life.

If you’re the one who manages your family’s healthcare, you have a lot on your plate — whether it’s teenage children, a new baby, aging parents, or a busy spouse.

Add family members to your Cozeva Circle , and get tools to make daily life simpler and more manageable. With their permission, you can access health records, send messages to the doctor, and request prescription renewals or appointments on behalf of each person. It's safe and secure to onboard a minor and act on behalf of your child . Please click the help button for further instructions.

You can also use Cozeva Circle to coordinate the rest of your life —
• Remind your son to take out the trash
• Make sure your husband knows the parent-teacher conference is tonight
• Encourage your parents to take the grandchildren to a community picnic

You can even add friends to your Cozeva Circle. Share information easily with the people you go to for help and support, who keep you motivated and accompany you through life — on medical and non-medical adventures alike.

When your life is organized, it’s easier to keep yourself balanced and healthy. And the more you take care of yourself, the better you can keep your family well and thriving.

About privacy: At Cozeva, we know your personal information is very important to you. You always have complete control over who has access to your medical records. Messaging is always secure.