Colorectal cancer screening is a routine health screening recommended for people ages 50 to 75. This screening looks for abnormal cells and polyps in the colon and rectum that could lead to cancer. Options for this test include a lab test called a fecal occult blood test (FOBT), flexible sigmoidoscopy, or a colonoscopy.

Chlamydia screenings are routine health tests recommended for sexually active females ages 16 to 24. If you're not sexually active, please disregard this notice.

A dilated retinal eye exam (which differs from a regular eye exam) is recommended for people with diabetes, ages 18 to 75. This exam looks for damage to the eye caused by high blood sugar and high blood pressure. If it's not controlled, it could cause blindness.

After logging in on the web, click on the "Messages" tab, click on "New Message" and select a doctor's name and select a name on behalf of (if there are others in your Cozeva Circle), click Next. Enter a subject and the message text. You can attach an optional attachment to upload. Click on "Send".

From your mobile app, tap on "Messages" --> "Message Doctor's Office". Tap on the "To:" area to select a doctor's name. Then tap on "On behalf of" to select a name, tap on "Next" at the bottom of the screen. Enter a subject and the message text and tap on "Send".

A kidney function test is recommended for people with diabetes, ages 18 to 75. This test looks at your kidneys’ ability to filter blood to prevent possible complications.