Cozeva makes it easy to communicate non-urgent follow-up questions, requests, and messages you may have for your doctor and his/her staff including:
● Non-urgent medical advice or follow-up (Examples: questions about test results, clarifying treatment plans, sharing or updating results of a treatment, requesting records or forms)
● Prescription renewal requests. (Note: Some practices may refer you to your selected pharmacy for renewals and refills)
● Scheduling appointments and addressing questions about appointments
● Billing and insurance clarification

Your doctor’s office will attempt to answer your messages within 48-hours or 2 business days, but he/she may NOT routinely check for messages after regular business hours or on weekends, holidays or vacations.
While Cozeva provides you and your doctor’s office with a private, secure and HIPAA*-compliant way to communicate, keep in mind that:
● Messages sent to your doctor may also be read by others in the practice, like medical assistants, nurses and front-office staff, whom your doctor has delegated to assist in delivering quality services to you.
● If you choose to recover your Cozeva username or password with a shared e-mail address or a work email, your employer or those you share the e-mail address may have access to your Cozeva account information.
● Cozeva and your doctor are not responsible for messages that are lost or undelivered due to technical problems.
● Any messages you send via Cozeva become a part of your permanent medical record.
● All communication with your doctor via Cozeva is visible to trusted people whom you choose to connect with on Cozeva Circles, so please talk to your doctor directly if you wish to keep certain issues private.

Regular use of Cozeva is NOT a substitute for an office visit, where you can receive a needed exam and counsel with your doctor. If message exchanges between you and your doctor become lengthy, or the concern cannot be resolved without an exam, your doctor may recommend you come in for a visit.

Please do NOT use Cozeva to communicate about:
● Emergencies or any urgent medical problems that require an immediate response
● Legal issues

*Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act
Created 12/2011 / Revised 2/20/2012