We are a company of entrepreneurs, developers and healthcare professionals who hope to bring you and your doctor closer together. Our interest in healthcare comes from a variety of personal experiences and an interest to better the system’s reach.

We understand the need to manage personal well-being, and as members of our own families, we understand the need to stay in touch with and help other family members with their health. Mothers need to track their children’s growth and wellness; they may need to track their elderly parents’ medical needs, or husbands’ diabetes. With a well-integrated network of doctors, patients and family members, technology can solve many of the miscommunication and delayed-care problems of today.

Each individual on our team brings forth a different idea of what it means to be healthy; however, we all believe health stems from happiness and the ability to focus on those you love. We bring, then, the idea of family and lifestyle management to calm the chaos, to spread the power of health to everyday life. Similar to the team’s different needs to stay healthy, we have built COZEVA around individuality and choice of action.

Join COZEVA to connect, communicate and collaborate. Join COZEVA to make health a priority.